Eligibility and Duration:
  1. Promotion Availability:
    • Promotions are open to all current and new customers of Sarab Tech Company.
    • Customers must adhere to the specified terms and conditions of the promotions.
  2. Validity Period:
    • Validity periods vary for each offer; please refer to the specific details to determine the time frame.
Promotion Guidelines:
  1. Utilization Conditions:
    • Specific conditions may apply; customers must comply with them to benefit from the promotions.
    • Please read the conditions carefully before taking advantage of the promotions.
  2. Discount Details:
    • Discount details and offers are clearly specified in each offer.
    • Some offers may require the use of specific discount codes during the purchase process.
General Terms:
  1. Modification or Cancellation of Promotions:
    • Sarab reserves the right to modify or cancel any promotion at any time without prior notice.
  2. Responsibility:
    • Sarab is not liable for any issues or consequences arising from the use or benefit of the promotions.
    • Customers bear full responsibility for the flexible use of the offers.
  3. Use of Promotion Information:
    • Sarab has the right to use details of promotion usage for analysis and service improvement purposes.

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