Subscription Services:
  1. Payment and Renewal:
    • Clients are responsible for renewing their subscription by making timely payments before the end of each billing period.
    • Services will continue based on successful payment; failure to renew may result in service suspension.
  2. Refund for Subscription Services:
    • As services are paid in advance and are not automatically renewed, refunds for the current billing period are generally not provided.
    • Exceptions may be considered for critical issues affecting service usability. Refund requests must be made within [number of days] days of the payment date.
Project Payments (e.g., Deposits for Websites and Apps):
  1. Deposit Payments:
    • Clients may be required to make deposits for website and app development projects.
    • Deposit payments are non-refundable once work has commenced.
Dispute Resolution Policy:
  1. Dispute Initiation:
    • In case of a dispute, clients must contact our customer support team to attempt resolution before pursuing external avenues.
  2. Dispute Handling:
    • Our support team will thoroughly investigate all disputes.
    • Clients must provide any requested information or documentation to facilitate the investigation.
  3. Resolution Process:
    • We will make every effort to reach a fair resolution within [number of days] days of receiving the dispute.
    • If a resolution cannot be achieved, clients may explore alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration.
  4. Chargebacks:
    • Chargebacks should only be initiated after attempting to resolve the issue through our support team. Unjustified chargebacks may result in service suspension.

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