WABS -وابس

The WABS (WhatsApp Banking) application, first launched in the Arab world, is technically and technically supported by the WhatsApp platform. It is used to assist bank customers in receiving updates and accessing services through WhatsApp messaging platform by saving the number (0912848888) in their contacts and communicating with the bank by sending the word "WABS" or directly accessing the conversation by clicking on the link:


#WABS Service Features:

-Access with a temporary SMS login number, which is canceled after 5 minutes of inactivity.

-WABS offers several important services, including domestic transfers, account statements, and prepaid payment cards for local internet and communication service providers, among others.

-Users can obtain a sealed account statement in PDF format.

-Users can obtain a sealed remittance voucher in PDF format.

-Secure and encrypted, tied to the user's registered phone number.

-Easy to use for the general public, following simple steps.

-This service provides a communication channel for customers locally and while traveling.

-Conversations with the banking account through WhatsApp are encrypted.

-Does not require high internet speeds.



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