Bader Platform is an initiative by Sarab Tech - a technology company that utilizes crowdfunding technology through the internet and electronic payment services to assist individuals and organizations in obtaining funding by collecting donations from a large number of people. These donations are used to implement humanitarian, environmental, and community initiatives, as well as to finance startups and small projects, and create free educational and training programs.

There are several internationally known models of crowdfunding, including:

-Donation-based crowdfunding, with no expectation of financial return or profits.

-Reward-based crowdfunding, where the funder receives a reward or gift based on their contribution.

-Investment-based crowdfunding, where the funder receives a stake in the project or its profits in exchange for their investment.

-Peer-to-peer lending, where the funder provides loans to borrowers and expects repayment with agreed-upon interest or returns on the crowdfunding platform.


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